Many organizing challenges can seem overwhelming. I will help you break your projects down into smaller "easy-to-digest" parts, and set up realistic goals and manageable to-do lists.

  • Closet and wardrobe optimization
  • Kids' clothing, toy and activity systems
  • Common area solutions
  • Home office and paper management
  • Kitchen and pantry organization
  • Library and collection displays
  • Storage solutions: basement, attic, garage
  • Life transitions: moves, merging households, preparing for a new baby
After each session, I will send you a follow-up email highlighting our accomplishments and suggesting next steps. I'll also itemize any tasks that came up during the session as possible future to-dos.

Melanie is a pleasure to work with. She came up with creative solutions and used her skills and experience to transform my home from into a clutter-free zone. She is an expert at home organization, and provided me with resources for donating, selling, or trading my cast-offs. Her method is hands-on, direct, non-threatening, and very effective.

— T & M, Cambridge

Melanie Raelin

chicken purse

Fun Fact: 1/2 of my clients own this gem.