What do you charge?

Initial appointments are $300* and include 3+ hours of hands-on organizing, where we work together one-on-one to rework your space according to your needs. Afterwards, I remove donations and recycle them within the community. I will then create a detailed vision and plan of attack for your space, featuring suggested next steps and a Pinterest Board to help you visualize ideas and solutions.

*We are always open to discuss ways to work within your budget, should that be a concern.

How does it work?

Before our first session, we'll have a phone conversation to make sure we're a good fit. Then I'll email you a simple 4-question survey to assess your priorities. When I arrive, we dive right into the room or areas you deemed most important. Please don't clean up before I come -- I like to see you in your natural habitat! We'll work with items you probably already have on hand, like ziplocs, paper bags and empty boxes.


How long will it take?

That depends! I work at *your* pace, without rushing you -- unless you want someone to crack the whip. Some projects require only one session, while others may lead to us meeting weekly, monthly, seasonally, or just whenever you need a little extra push.


Who is organizing right for?

Anyone and Everyone. In fact, organizers hire one another! As Americans, consumer culture dominates our daily lives and goes hand in hand with excess and clutter. We can all benefit from an outside perspective to discover better ways to live and work in our space.


Why choose Wits End?

Organizing can be overwhelming for many. We make the process as pain-free as possible, through humor, good communication, and a positive attitude. We'll work at your pace, take breaks if you need them, and make sure you end up feeling good about your session and the results.


I actually use what I have in my house and I'm saving money by not buying items I already
own. I can clean up my house super quick because everything has a place that works for my life!

— S, Medford




Melanie Raelin


Because your keys won't come when you call them.