Whether you're trying to get your home office in order, or setting up more efficient systems in a larger workplace, Wits End can help. A few of the services we offer:

  • De-cluttering
  • Getting through back paperwork
  • Setting up sustainable filing systems, paper and electronic
  • Coordinating office moves
  • Organizing mailing and supply areas
  • Providing personal assistant services
  • Streamlining intra-office communication

Melanie's boundless energy and enthusiasm makes "getting organized" seem fun and easy. She has helped me not only to get control over my office, but also to streamline my office systems, making my business more efficient. In addition, she has been able to lend her talents to a myriad of tasks related to my business — such as marketing, writing, and editing — that seem overwhelming when faced alone. Melanie's assistance has freed me up to focus on the "big picture."

— C, Somerville

Melanie Raelin

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Even Houdini needed help juggling tasks.