As a small child, I often snuck into the kitchen early in the morning to organize the pots and pans by size and function. As I grew older, I helped my grandmother sort threads and notions for her sewing business, and labeled and alphabetized our family's VHS collection for kicks. I clearly had a calling.

Since then, I've brought my organizational talents to many jobs - from developing museum exhibits and managing marketing campaigns, to running a retail store and planning community events. I started working as a professional organizer in 2006, and found it remarkably weaved together my love of people and ideas with my sense of creativity and problem solving skills.

I love looking at a seemingly chaotic space or situation and envisioning the myriad ways to bring things into order. And I greatly enjoy the process or working one-on-one with my clients to help them find just the right solution for their particular needs. I ultimately strive to empower my clients to take control of their life through simplifying the space they live in.

My house feels infinitely lighter, and it's wonderful to have the basement space back
and useful. Thanks for your patience and your amazing energy and organizational skills.

— L, Cambridge

Melanie Raelin

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